Is Your Mind Bursting?

Does Your 'Reactivity' Makes You Feel Ashamed?


Attn:  Spiritually Advanced Leaders In FINANCIAL SECTOR



With Your Spiritual Awareness You’re Looking At Leadership Coaching To Solve Your Problems! Really???

Tired of being Reactive, feeling lonely, unloved & misunderstood? Sick of saying YES instead of NO?

Learn the simple, repeatable system that will give you inner joy, peace of mind, sense of belonging, confidence in relationships to earn the trust & respect of team & ability to say “NO” to others without feeling guilty!

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Transformational Speaker


Smita Kapoor is a gifted transformational speaker and coach to spiritually advanced souls @ Top leadership positions, founder of “ Smita Skapoor International Pvt.Ltd.” and the creator of a program ‘Make Your Mind Your Best Friend’. 

She brings Spirituality in practical life and gives you tools to come out of your loneliness, anger issues and have  sense of belonging,trust in your ability to honor your commitments, being receptive to others,and experience love,  joy & passion instead, which is missing from your life right now! 

Using speaking as her primary marketing platform, this lovepreneur, has survived paralytic attack twice, loss of her loved ones at early age, Divorce ,financial pain, Last stage Cancer, Near Death Experience and still rocking with childlike love N laughter. 

She survivived all of these by speaking to her mind and her ability to shut down thoughts in adverse circumstances! It’s difficult to believe that she has seen any hardships in her life. 

She helps her clients put an end to their emotional pain of loneliness ,reactivity & anger issues, painful past &fear of  rejection by Activating their Self Love to revive lots of love, joy and mental peace in their life and relationships.

 She had served as GM in a relocation Company where she had taken the Company from 1.5 crore to 6 crore in 6 months & employees performance went up by 67%  by training the employees alone and without any change in infrastructure!