What happens when you are sitting alone?

What kind of thoughts run through your mind?

Which route your mind takes you through?

What kind of conversations do you have in your mind?

Do you keep wondering about what is going to happen and start imagining the whole scenario ?



Here are the things I hear often from my clients:

→Smita, I am Dictatorial, control freak, like controlling people and situations! Can’t take it when things don’t go the way I want them to be! Help!

→ I have anger issues, so much anger inside of me and I know its bad for my relationships but am not able to control it, what do I do?

→ I have great connection to my guides but I am not able to take action on that,I don’t know why?

→ Why am I surrounded by people who take advantage of me?

→ I am not able to trust people & don’t know what to do?

→ I know what I have to do but inspite of best efforts I am not able to do because of fear taking over myself and paralyzes me!

→ I can’t sleep as I keep thinking too much and there is no peace in my life!

→ I don’t want to live anymore as I have nothing to look forward to!

→It’s a very lonely space I am in. You know, people envy my position and social standing and to please me they can agree to whatever I say! Here I am, unable to be myself with anyone without the fear of judgement and rejection! It tires me to be on my guard all the time! Please help!

→ I was about to give up on my life and thought I would give it a last try and called you. Everyone around me thinks that I am crazy to have big dreams and people have even suggested me to go to a psychiatrist!

Sounds Familiar?

As a highly sensitive person you have highly imaginative mind and depending on your awareness it can either take you to your dreams or down the hill.

* Everything we are and we have is a result of our actions…

* Humans are emotional beings. Our actions are fully driven by our emotions.

* Our emotions are created by our thoughts…

So what’s that, that controls our thoughts…?

* Our programming/beliefs creates our thoughts

Now it’s obvious…

If you want to change your results, you have to change your programming!

The question is how can you change your programming?

To make this clear, we first need to discuss the concept of:

One Brain – Two Minds

Although we all have one brain, we possess two minds or two phases

Let’s talk about them both…

The Limited –Conscious Mind

When we talk about the CONSCIOUS mind, we’re talking about your
everyday normal state of awareness.

The problem is that the CONSCIOUS mind is very limited.

The beauty of the CONSCIOUS mind is that it allows us to have self-awareness.
It allows you to appreciate the good things in life and it allows
you to decide, “What is it that I want more of?”

The Unlimited –Subconscious Mind

The SUBCONSCIOUS mind is where we record and respond to habits.

Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is where the wisdom, insight, intuition, memories, learning, happy experiences as well as unpleasant experiences are stored.
It is here all our painful past memories are stored too as it is designed to protect us, it has taken up the responsibility of storing every hurt and pain we have gone through in life and whenever it believes us to be in dangerous situation it brings up all the warning signals based on those experiences-it can’t discriminate if the new person or situation is good for us.

Most importantly, it is our connection with Higher Intelligence.

>From the moment we get up — to the moment we go to bed – we operate mostly from the SUBCONSCIOUS.

There is a Critical Divide between the 2 and its the key to why most people struggle from getting what they desire…

–The Critical Divide–

Between your CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind there is a division called the “Critical Factor”. The Critical Factor takes what the CONSCIOUS mind is thinking and then seeks approval from the SUBCONSCIOUS mind to pass the information along. Sometimes it allows it to be delivered and sometimes it does not.

Many say we develop this Critical Factor at about age six
Children do not have to be actively coached into specific beliefs.
They develop a core belief system simply by observing and interacting with parents, siblings, peers, teachers , religion and television.

Up about age six we are learning things very quickly because the Critical Factor is not developed.

So, How does it concern you right now ?


Wherever you are in your life right now and the areas where you are struggling most , is coming from your childhood and all the answers of your present day struggles are hidden in your childhood.

When you were around the age of six you have picked up your beliefs from your surroundings and still carrying those beliefs in your adult age taking that as part of your personality.



If you are struggling around relationships now, the child version of you believes that s/he is not enough or s/he can’t keep people happy.You might have seen your parents fighting and not being happy with each other and felt helpless at that time and picked up the belief that you are not enough or you lack the necessary qualities to be in harmonious relationships.

Or, if you are struggling with finances, the little version of you must have seen your parents fighting or being stressed about managing bills and you decided that money brings disharmony or the cause of unhappiness or having the feeling that you are not enough, there is not enough money to support you etc.

Or if you have been bullied a lot and felt vulnerable or defenseless as a child you have built a wall around your heart and decided not to let anyone come close enough so that you can’t be hurt again.
When you lay down for a night sleep, you keep thinking about your past and about how people have hurt or betrayed you. No matter how hard you try, you are unable to escape your painful past memories!


Most of our decisions are made from our CONSCIOUS MIND but the function of our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is to keep us safe and in comfort zone and our actions towards any change we want to make in our life are governed by the SUBCONCSIOUS MIND.

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is doing his job of keeping us safe in life threatening situations otherwise we would not be running away if Lion comes in front of us .
It brings fear in us and keeps us in Fight or Flight mode .

BUT here is the thing, it does not know the difference between actual life threatening situations or in relationships. Since he thinks that its his job to protect us, he tries to protect us based on the painful past memories stored within him and is always looking for similarities between the situations.

Lets say that you want to feel connected to people and feel loved and have fulfilling relationships-
You make a conscious choice of reaching out to people (Conscious Mind working here) .
Then during your interaction with people, your SUBCONCSIOUS MIND finds the commonalities between that person and someone from your past who had hurt you badly- BOOM!
It would bring all the warning signals for you and before you realize you would act in a way to push that person away from you without any conscious thought on your part.


You have taken the decision to change your financial situation and know the steps to take towards your goals BUT suddenly you are gripped by Fear of what if it does not work out?
Now, this Fear has been generated in you based on your past experience of your failure and you stop yourself and don’t take any action at all.


You get the guidance to take action and in that meditative space everything is easy BUT when you are in real world, you are gripped by the FEAR of what ifs and you don’t take action at all and feel frustrated your life is standing still in spite of doing so much meditation and spiritual work.

Can you see what’s happening around here?

The very same things you want in your life for fulfillment are the very same things being stopped by your mind from achieving them!

So, What if I tell you that you can talk to your mind and make him your best friend?

What if you can visit your childhood and heal that inner child and release all his fears and limiting beliefs?

What if you can clean your mind of all the painful past memories so that your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is free to help you in achieving your dreams?

What if you have a tool to bring immediate peace to your mind so that you can be unstoppable?